Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Alice's travels, part 2

On account of the unfeasibly hot weather, Alice hasn't been doing much travelling at all. She hasn't even been across the road to Dave Morris's yard to eat his cat's food, which is usually a daily occurence. She occasionally wanders next door to Jane Chapple-Hyam's to check that Jane's dog Dom is keeping matters in order. Other than that, she's spending the day lying in the dip outside Joli's box or lying on the sofa watching Racing UK. She prefers this channel as Matt Chapman annoys her too much on At The Races.

Alice was not impressed by Joff's idea of attaching a GPS device to her collar so we could track her movements on the web. What Joff failed to take into account is that she's far too brainy to succumb to such an obvious trick and would simply have transferred the tracker to one of the cats instead. Probably No Name, as she'd fall for anything.

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joff said...

Yes the little singing scourge of springbok should never be undersestimated. I'd be more than happy to pay for veterinary (preferably not a pretend one) to place the tracking device under her skin.
She'd effectively be writing 'The Newmarket Good Food Guide' as she grazed, making the investment more than worthwhile.