Saturday, July 22, 2006

Alice's travels, part 3

Alice has had a good weekend so far. Stolen food count from person or persons unknown as of Saturday night is:

1 chicken breast (skinless, wrapped)
1 small treacle tart
1 chocolate brownie
The Evil Genius's breakfast.

There are also a few missing items which she may or may not have misappropriated. These include a reason why I should not be shame-faced about having sent Jill Dawson on the 540-mile round-trip to Carlisle to run poorly; a reason why I should not be perturbed by Lady Suffragette's debut, which showed no obvious promise; an explanation of what the hell Alice is doing in the lovely photograph of Stan and Merlin, into which she has snuck, in the Photo Gallery; and a web identity for Gemma, who claims that all that is preventing her from becoming a regular contributor to this blog is a lack of a suitable code-name. Unsurprisingly James has suggested a few possible names under which Gemma could write, but fortunately she has decided not to adopt any of them: the redoubtable Web Administrator would have a fit if Gemma put anything up under even the least offensive of any of these. We are hoping to have a party tomorrow (Sunday), and that should indeed take place unless Alice steals that too. To those who are planning to come, a very warm welcome awaits. And to those who feel they should have been invited (ie Richard Sims), your invitation was lost in the post. Or stolen by Alice.


click-on said...

I fear Alice may also have misappropriated my muse. If you see her with it can you get her to send it on, along with some RAIN! Seven days sat at my desk wearing nothing but boxers is grinding me and the wife down.

Lengthy round-trips are the nature of racing and you know, much better than I, they are seldom totally wasted affairs. Hope you remain chipper. Sure you will do. And, anyway, I bet it was cooler in Carlisle!

Kentucky Wildcat said...

The Evil Genius


Last night the Evil Genius text me and said that he has been subjected to a diet. Apparently Alice has assigned herself as his personal trainer?

Maybe this would explain the hoarding?