Friday, July 14, 2006

July Cup Day

I knew it was a big day when Jim was late this morning. Or, more precisely, he wasn't early. We had Gerry, who is usually on parade here during racemeetings and is a very welcome visitor, riding out this morning, so it was almost impossible to believe that Jim that wasn't even earlier than usual. When eventually he did arrive, one minute late, all became clear. He'd been about to leave home extra early, but suddenly the excitement was all too much for him: time for an Edgar Britt. So poor James should have had a relaxed drive over from Haslingfield to arrive at 6.40, but instead had a frantic dash to get to us at 7.01. It was evidently a Murray Mint of an Edgar: too good to hurry. He obviously knew what a thriller the July Cup was going to be.

It was a shame that the Aussies both underperformed today. Seeing that Falkirk had been without the company of owner and trainer at Royal Ascot, I'd put two and two together to make fourteen and decided that the presence of both Lee Freedman and Nelson Schick meant that he was at his peak. Not the case, I'm afraid, as he faded most tamely in the final 300m, while poor Takeover Target, although hanging in there for longer, also looked a tired horse in the final furlong. He'd looked terrible when Jay Ford had been unwise enough to allow him to trot during the post parade, and I'd say the miracles which Joe Janiak has performed to keep him racing might be close to exhaustion. All power to the winner, though, for a mighty Group One double, and one has to salute the runner-up: he really is as talented as he looks, he's a moral to win a Group One shortly, and he'll make a tremendous stallion in time. I had the privilege of seeing the line-up of Darley stallions at the stallion parade this morning. They make an outstanding collection, and Iffraaj will fit in perfectly.

(Or maybe this morning Jim was still buzzing after Jolizero's fourth place at Wolverhampton yesterday evening. Hard to believe that I have the gall to mention that in the same entry as the Darley July Cup, but what separates the different levels of equine competitors is their ability, not their professionalism, and he's a grand horse in his own way. He confirmed that, while he will never win a Group One and has even less chance of making the grade as a stallion, he should have a great chance of winning when he gets his favoured heavy ground for a stiff two miles. We may just have to wait a while.)


Ayman said...

Blazin blog!

dickie do da said...

I am very pleased to see Dolly ran a nice race. Like Dolly, I will never win a group 1 either.
Nonetheless, there is a race and a squash premiership somwhere for all of us.
PS: Did Carloynn send you the Brahma beer ad?
It is the mightiest 'brahma' of all time!

D.D. Fan Club said...

Brahma with the Darley July Cup coverage on Sky here in Oz. The coverage was sponsored by Coolmore Stud.