Friday, August 18, 2006

Curate's egg

Five days since I last rambled. Seems like only yesterday; seems like a year ago. Well, we've had three runners since then, with mixed results. With unmixed results if one thinks in terms of winning or losing, because none of them won, but I don't think like that. One has to be satisfied with small triumphs if one is to keep up the task of running to stand still.

Monday was a nice day. Rem ran another good race to secure the each-way money with third place, and it was a pleasure to spend the day with John Nelligan and David Morrissey, who flew in from Shannon for the day. This was the first time that any of the A N Other Partnership had seen her run in the UK, and I was so pleased that she ran well for them. This was to have been her swansong, but she can run again at Yarmouth on Monday before heading home. Jamie Hamblett rode her so well that he can keep the ride against senior jockeys at Yarmouth. We've been lucky this year to have plenty of good apprentices to call upon, Kirsty Milczarek (whose record for the stable now stands at two wins and two seconds from four rides) being the most notable.

Tuesday was also a very pleasant day, in almost every respect. The only fly in the ointment was that the raison d'etre for another enjoyable daytrip to Brighton was to run Jack, and he barely raised a gallop at any stage of the race. If I'd had pre-race doubts about his soundness it would have been like watching a train crash (and knowing that someone dear to one was on board), because he ran so badly he had to be in the process of breaking down. However, I'd gone there confident that nothing was about to give way, and couldn't believe that he could go amiss just from cantering to the start and then making a half-hearted start to the race, so I was more perplexed than fearful as he just cantered round behind them. Still, it was a relief to see him walking around completely sound and virtually untired afterwards, and a semi-relief to have George Baker tell me that he feels the horse is still a racing prospect, but just one who doesn't want to gallop downhill on hard rough ground. I can sort of understand that, but to see Jack not wanting to pick up his bridle in even the early stages takes some understanding. He seems completely unharmed by his outing, so I think we should just run him again on a more horse-friendly track (ie anywhere else) and see what happens. He'll either run a hell of a lot better or go straight into retirement. We'll see. Anyway, it was, Jack's race aside, a fun and sociable trip. And it was warm, dry and sunny in Brighton, which doesn't seem to be the case in Newmarket very much at present.

One amusing (to me, anyway) post-script to Jack's race was that when I went into the weighing room after racing to collect the colours, my eye was caught by a Health & Safety notice which said that if trainers or jockeys spotted anything which might be dangerous to horses, they should report it to the clerk of the course. Following George's post-race verdict, I was tempted to accost Geoff Stickels with the words "The track".

Wednesday was good too, more or less. If Mozie Cat's trip to Yarmouth could have ended a few minutes after the race, I'd have regarded it as an unqualified success. She was perfect pre-race. Walked onto the truck well in the morning, travelled sweetly, rested at the races unconcerned, took the preliminaries well, went more or less straight into the stalls (once the blindfold was applied) and ran a promising fourth. So that was great. Unfortunately she then took the cherry back off the cake by refusing to go into the wash bay, refusing to leave the stable yard (until she had been blindfolded) and refusing to go back onto the truck (until I got on her). Then when we got home, she decided she didn't think much of my idea of ending the day by loading and unloading her a few times, just to remind her that it isn't voluntary. She thought it was, Tim and I said it wasn't ... etc., etc., etc., ... but thankfully after ten minutes or so we got her walking on and off perfectly, so all was well that ended well. She isn't the finished article yet in any respect, but I think she has the makings of a nice horse and, on balance, Wednesday was a good step forward towards that goal.

I finished Garp on the way home from Yarmouth - as if the stress of running Mozie hadn't been enough heartache for one day. What a book, what a writer. So, by the end of the day, I felt like how Richard Sims feels at the end of an adsellathon. I'm pretty sure, by the way, that I've now got Dickie sussed out on this blog: he appears to be posting under several aliases. Veteran Dickie-watchers will conclude that he is surely Westtip, but I suspect that one or two of the other correspondents are he too. What I can't work out from the postings, though, is whether he is a very bad speller or a very bad typist. Or both. Does anyone have ideas?

So to the future. Rem Time and perhaps (eliminator permitting) Timmy at Yarmouth on Monday; By Storm (without Kirsty - suspended - sadly) at Brighton on Tuesday; Hold That Tiger aka Chilly Cracker at Folkestone on Wednesday. These provide something to look forward to, as does China Pearl at Yarmouth the following weekend. But the big event is tomorrow, when Desiree contests the hacks' Grand National at the July Course. This involves her being groomed for four hours, being led around the parade ring for three minutes, and going home. Be there or be elsewhere.

Oh yes, and James has got his jacket back - but that's a full posting in itself, so I'll save that for a future date.


Kentucky Wildcat said...

Who knows?
Thanks for the updates on the Stable John. How did Desiree get on in the hack competition? Did Bob the Cob defend his title ? I have not received any texts from Alice or The Evil Genius recently. I think the phone mast around Newmarket must have gone down with the weather? Or maybe the animals have run out of credit? Maybe Richard's spelling is something to do with the fact he is typing with 1 hand and texting a feline with the other? Who knows? All i know is that it is quite possible you could be plotting a major gambling coup by running Jack Dawson at Brighton in the 1st place? I hope I am right, but yes it was good to see him back on the racecourse. Maybe he is homophobic and thought he may be running into transvestites in Brighton?

alamshar2 said...

Can't wait to hear about Jim's jacket. Had he mislaid it at a Phil Collins concert?

Stato-man said...

Can say with much certainty that i have not blogged as westtip and for that matter not any other than Neil Diamond , Dickie do da and the man from Crown Casino. Sorry, once Agnetha Folskog. But certainly not Westtip - or Evil genius or Commander Collings.

Not a mental thing by any chance is it - Jack dawson? not being funny but they have memories these creatures??

montreal moonbeam said...

Hey Wildcat
Thought it was very kind of you to say that Richard was texting with his other hand.
John, thanks for the latest update, great way to catch up with all the news.

lestertoo said...

Great photo of Jim working Jack Dawson. He rides like Tommy Weston. Can we have some more photos of him please? And some photos of Gerry, too?

westtip said...

Never mind photos of Jim working horses - how about one in this jacket we're going to be told about? Must be quite some garment - is it some sort of coat of many colours, like Joseph's? Or is a flasher's mac which he'd had impounded by the cops for a time, but which was then, reluctantly, given back to him once the charges were dropped?

Regarding KYWC's account of what Richard was doing with each hand, I reckon we might be missing something here, Montreal Moonbeam: I suspect "texting a feline" could be a euphemism. I'll look it up in the profanosaurus.

lestertoo said...

All this stuff about Jim & his jacket, he sounds like a real oddball, shouldn't he be renamed "The Rainman"

lestertoo said...

Apparently there are some photos floating around of Gerry relaxing on a four poster in a hotel near Goodwood during the festival week, if they come to light we'll get em 4 posted on the web!!

alamshar2 said...

Speak of the devil and he shall post a mighty double. It's worked for Fusaichi Pegasus: after our discussion of his (lack of) success as a stallion, I note that he's had a good weekend, courtesy of Haradasun in the Vain Stakes at Caulfield and Excusez Moi (ably assisted by K. McEvoy) in the Great St Wilfred at Ripon.

If I now mention Largesse, I wonder if it will work for him too, with By Storm heading for Brighton on Tuesday and her sister Chilly Cracker going to Folkestone the following day.

Mind you, Fu Peg's had a bit more assistance from mare-owners than Gessy's enjoyed. With mares like Circles Of Gold, the stallion-owner should be paying the mare-owner for the mating, not vice versa.

Kentucky Wildcat said...

Moonbeam and Westip,

Thanks for the idea of creating a new brahma called, 'texting a feline' I think it could go to the tune ...... 'turning japenese' i really think so...
Oh and as for all the hastle my darling brahmister Sims is getting.... Maybe we should be a little more respectful of his contributions?

Any photos of men laying on 4 poster beds may get the web-administrator working full-time on inventing 'web-blog' kiddy locks.

John do let us all know how Desiree got on in the hack competition...

lestertoo said...

Would love to see some pics of Aisling & Gemma riding work instead of Tommy Weston. There little pert backsides stuck up in the air(like the maestro used too) would I'm sure be some sight to warm the cockles.

Stato-man said...


We ought to have a awards facility on this website for overachievers!
The award should be conducted on a monthly basis and I would be running a book that the brahmameister in Kentucky would be odds-on for the honours every month.
I am taking the liberty of initiating the inaugural BHS OVERACHIEVERS award for August and awarding it to KYWC for all of the following reasons.
1. speeding her bosses car at 36mph over the limit.
2. singing kareoke (very badly)in a gay bar in Lexington until dawn and
3.wrecking a leisure boat in just a few hours.

Runner-up would have to be Emma and Desiree for the best turned out couple in the hack's competition last Sunday (narrowly from Kribensis who looks a treat also) Although Emma has chosen to crop herself out of the picture on the Latest News page, you will be able to see just why Emma captivates as she does if you scroll down the photo gallery link.
No wonder they did so well.
And making up the trifecta could be some of Alice's performances as detailed on this site in recent weeks. Well done Alice. You seem to be in the news regularly for a variety of interesting reasons.
The overachievers award is proudly brought to you by Taglag bitter, the Clock Tower cafe and the prize for August is a box of After Eights to enjoy at a dinner party at BHS soon.

BBF said...

I am not sure if there are any pictures of Gerry and a 4 poster - I think the ONLY person who would know this would be Jim, it may be that the pictures have been stuck over his Travis Perkins 2002 Calender (probably on the month of September - don't you think John??)

Lestertoo - the best backside in the yard belongs to Brief Goodbye, I will try and arrange some photo postings for you!

Kentucky Wildcat said...

Well done Mudawin!
Looks like the tambourines worked their magic on the Beverley House lodger!

lestertoo said...

With Mudawin winning at 100-1 thus creating more history to Beverleyhouse stables, perhaps the boss should let the bongo player loose more often with cymbals crashing etc if thats the effect it has on the beasts!