Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ready to roll?

Today has been rather pleasant. It was cold and wet during the first half of this week, but today was dry, mild and generally very springlike. A couple of weeks of such weather (fat chance!) and we'd have put the winter well behind us. Weather forecasters, though, seemingly can't even semi-accurately look more than a couple of days ahead, if that - so we'll look ahead to the next couple of days, which I hope will see us running Kadouchski at Sandown (tomorrow) and then Alcalde at Chepstow on Saturday. I'd like to think that we'll have two good runs. After how wet it's been prior to today, the ground will be very testing at each track. This oughtn't to be much of a problem for Kadouchski, while I hope that Alcalde won't be massively inconvenienced, even if admittedly I'd prefer to be running him on a good to soft track than on a heavy one. The main thing is that both horses seem very well. They've each been rolling a lot, which is great. I love to see horses rolling, whether that be in the stable after exercise or on the ground when they are turned out. The day-yards out in the yard are a lot wetter now than they were last week when these photographs were taken; but, whether good to soft or heavy underfoot, they provide places where horses like to roll, as these photographs of Kadouchski (upper)and Alcalde (lower) in the relatively dry conditions of last week show. In my mind at least, when horses are rolling with the enthusiasm shown here, then they are in good form. The next couple of days will tell us whether that opinion is correct.


Nathan said...

Great photo's John; thanks for sharing them. I hope both horses run well and return home safe and sound.

racingfan said...

best of luck over the next few days John,



John Berry said...

Thank you. So far, so good.

Nathan said...

Not wrong there John. Very nice :-)
Great start to the year for the yard; congrats to all the team once again.