Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm traumatized. This afternoon/evening I created a blog chapter of which I was really proud. Earlier this week, while riding Kadouchski on a beautiful frosty/foggy/brilliantly sunny Monday morning, I took photograph after photograph - and today I wrote enough nonsense to give me the space to illustrate the chapter with about 18 of these photographs. I was ever so proud of my creation. All the words were written, all the photographs had been uploaded and positioned, and it was about to be posted - and then the window crashed WITHOUT HAVING SAVED ANY OF IT. As Don Cantillon memorably remarked a few years ago after one of his charges had been claimed after winning a claimer, "To say I'm gutted would be an understatement". So what I'll do is to put up one, just one, photograph of a beautiful morning, with a few Godolphin horses appearing out of the fog on the side of the Heath, with frost underfoot and blue skies and brilliant sunshine above. And I'll also remark that I'm off to Towcester with Kadouchski tomorrow and then off to Wolverhampton with Ethics Girl on Friday. Franny Norton rides Ethics Girl, while Peter Hatton retains the mount on Kadou because William (who, of course, had a disappointment today when Time For Rupert ran such a lacklustre race in the RSA Chase) is obliged to go to Cheltenham where he has no rides but where his 16-year-old nephew rides in the charity race. Both horses are well (as Ethics Girl demonstrates in this photograph, taken a week ago) and both look to be in suitable races, but even so winning handicaps with thoroughly exposed horses is always easier said than done. Let's hope for the best and see what happens - and let's make sure that we plan our movements to make sure that we can catch the great racing from Cheltenham on the TV.

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racingfan said...

best of luck for tomorrow and friday john,

shame for william as must have been looking forward to the ride, I think he did fantastically well to finish fifth as horse never jumped or travelled, (not that will be much consolation to him).

Cheltenham has been great so far and you said to keep an eye out for captain chris and problemwalrus said bensalem.

keep up the good work john and the photo is excellent.