Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Let's hope that we have no cock-ups today. We're just off to Kempton with Kadouchski. Hannah is on him today and he's drawn well again. The horse who finished second last week, three lengths or so in front of us, is favourite, but if all goes smoothly in the race Hannah's 7-lb claim might help us to claw back some, or even all, of that deficit. But we won't take anything for granted: we'll hope for the best but expect nothing, and that way we won't be disappointed. Kadou has naturally had a quiet time over the past seven days, but he's been cantering away happily enough and seems so unstressed that I believe that he will run his race again. As he usually does, bless him. He's certainly happy enough: I didn't like to put him out in the field with the others just now in case we couldn't catch him to take him away, so I just let him have a mooch around in one of the pens for a while, and a sharp shower of rain merely acted as a spur for him to have a roll (which I always take as a good omen). We'll take Gus with us too and he's in good form too; in fact, he's in too good form, as the greyhounds will testify. At least they'll get some peace and quiet for the afternoon with him on his travels! I managed to have a relatively cock-up free session on the ATR international review show yesterday (other than wittering on about Grands Crus being a top-class two-mile hurdler and having finished second in the Champion Hurdle, which was a worryingly basic error to make, although fortunately one which I corrected myself - and apologised for - before anyone had time to point out my stupidity to me). Let's hope that we can get through today in relatively blunder-free fashion.

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