Saturday, December 29, 2012

Runners and rain

I had said in a previous chapter that our runners at the end of last week would be our final competitors of the year.  Plans change, though; and we're ending up having two more.  Magic Ice goes to Wolverhampton today and then Simayill will be in action at Lingfield tomorrow.  We actually entered two horses for Wolverhampton today as we put Tommy (Platinum Proof) in a nursery, but then we reverted to Plan A, deciding that he had indeed done enough for the year, so he's having it a bit easier now for a while.

Anyway, that's how our year will end as regards runners - and let's hope that they run well.  Magic Ice certainly has been given every chance to achieve something.  Her race only attracted five entries.  It was re-opened, but no extras were added.  Then one of the five won on Wednesday (beating his only rival, who is one of our rivals today), rendering himself ineligible, so we were down to four.  All four were declared, but one of the four was announced yesterday as a non-runner.  So she just has to get round to finish in the money.  That's good.  It'll be tougher for Simayill tomorrow, but she seems in good shape.  Which is more than one can say for the weather.  The year seems to be remaining very wet right until the end, as Thursday's photographs here show us.  The first one shows Frankie and Carolina splahsing along ahead of Magic Ice and Terri, with Ollie's ears just visible; while the second one shows Simayill's ears on Warren Hill later in a very wet morning.

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