Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting to the point

The new season beckons.  It has, of course, already started, but it hasn't started for us.  This isn't a 'season begins at the Craven Meeting' thing because it begins at the Lincoln Meeting, of course; but, in practice, it will begin for us the first time we run a horse on grass (other than under National Hunt rules, of course) this year.

And that won't be at the Craven Meeting  (surprise, surprise) but at Newcastle on Monday - two days before the Craven Meeting - assuming that nothing goes wrong with Zarosa in the next four days and assuming that the weather up there remains unsettled enough for there still to be a bit of cut in the ground (which is currently good to soft).  If it could get a bit softer that would be grand (Zarosa having won heavy last back-end) but if it stays the same that would still be acceptable.

So that's good.  That, I hope would herald a spell in which a few horses resume.  I hope that this month will see Zarosa, Ethics Girl, Grand Liaison and Wasabi resuming, while Tommy (Platinum Proof) should resume either this month or the during the first week of May.  It'll be good to get them going because it's been a long, tough winter getting them ready for their resumptions, and thereafter for the campaigns ahead.  You can see these horses here (Zarosa, Grand Liaison and Wasabi in the top picture, Zarosa, Grand Liaison and Ethics Girl's ears in the second picture and Wasabi and Tommy in this one) so let's hope that in the coming months we get plenty of opportunities to photograph them all on the track, rather than just on the Heath - because that, after all, is the point of it all.

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