Monday, June 24, 2013

Travelling in hope, as always

Hopefully the waiting has worked out well.  We've been itching to run Zarosa (pictured supervising Gus' schooling recently; and then yesterday, ridden as usual by Terri, leading Ethics Girl and Grand Liaison back down the side of Long Hill) as she's very well, but she doesn't want the ground too fast, so we've just bided our time.  For once, though, the forecast has been right: it was good to firm, good in places at Thirsk at declaration time 46 hours ago, but further rain was forecast.

They seem to have had just over 20mm since then, including 14mm since lunchtime yesterday, and the ground is now listed as good, good to soft in places.  So we'll head up the A1 around midday, for the 7.50 race (which means a leisurely outward trip, but a late night afterwards) and hope that the ground will still be on the slow side this evening.  She's very well - but, as always, there's a catch: her principal rival, a Malcolm Jefferson-trained bumper winner, probably will also appreciate the rain.  But - que sera, sera.  She'll give it her best shot, as always; and we'll just hope for the best, as always.

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