Saturday, November 30, 2013


It rather goes against the grain to write a chapter prompted by events at the "Hennessy Heritage Festival" at "The Racecourse, Newbury" because I don't think that people should be encouraged to be as taken in by the 21st-century nonsense of 're-branding' as these people have been - and that's leaving aside the debacle of asking racegoers to open up their overcoats on a winter's day to check that they've got the right sort of shirt on underneath.  But, on a cold winter evening on an otherwise downbeat day, I must highlight the great result for Exeter Road today of our neighbouring mad genius 'The Don' Cantillon winning the Listed hurdle with his home-bred one-eyed Old Vic mare As I Am.  That was lovely - as was Jimmy Quinn's son Josh riding his first winner yesterday, the second occasion this month when a local apprentice has got off the mark following Alfie Warwick winning a recent two-year-olds' maiden race at Wolverhampton for his boss Toby Coles on the 33/1 shot Orange Grove, a son of my favourite stallion Hernando.  Results like these warm the cockles of one's heart.


David Winter said...

I can't agree more with you regarding this rebranding outbreak. Consultants paid fortunes to make perfectly good and often historic names sound "sexy".Does that put more bodies through the turnstiles: does that help to keep the character and personality of racing. I don't think so, in fact the reverse. In years to come the names of our principal races will be diluted as not to recognise them anymore.We allready have some races labelled x ( formerly known as The Y) . I am not enough of a Luddite to realise sponsorship is here and needed but surely there are occasions it could be applied more subtly and still give the media exposure fo the relevant company.
On a lighter note, I simply adore the ( almost ) Corinthian style of Mr Cantillon but then I know a certain incumbent of Exeter Road ( now you won't believe this, but it's true) that actually rides out in shorts: yep I know ,madman for sure .

neil kearns said...

Ref last blog can only come up with grey day by madness

Ref Mr butler which I am sure you will comment about later how come the RSPCA have not been prosecuting if the guy is injecting horses when he is not qualified so to do - me thinks scally giving his trophy dog growth hormone would face the wrath of the law