Thursday, December 12, 2013

Reasons to be cheerful

Another very good run, another second place.  Fen Flyer didn't run badly in the first race as a wide draw in a big field over seven furlongs was always going to present problems as he was clearly going to get back, and we'd be dependent on a truly-run race, which was always unlikely to happen.  He finished off the race well and the outing won't have done him any harm.  But Indira in the second race proved to be the star of our show: she recorded a very pleasing second place on debut, running on very well and very bravely despite showing signs of inexperience midrace.  It was an excellent start to her racing career, giving us plenty of reasons to be cheerful.  Let's hope that Russian Link can give us further cheer tomorrow in what looks a very ordinary two-mile race at Southwell.

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David Winter said...

Okay...I am in a quandary me undecisive ...but you raise a couple of debating points Mr is your usual want to provide critical exchange of views.
Returning to the drug fest ala Mr Butler.....I condem him for the act... But having been in the company of thoroughly unpleasant owners and some of the pressures placed upon the trainer it is tantamount to blackmail. Okay.... I hear you puritans say that shouldn't matter but when you are committed to expensive rents and wages in conjunction with trying to provide for a young family some human sympathy must be shown and not castigate the man endlessly. Having said that, as a measure of support I was deeply annoyed that he is going to appeal on entirely spurious grounds and now deserves to be banned outright. Do they never learn.? It has now become embarrassing .
The second point is the performance or rather non performance of The Rusky ( new nickname) . It is another example of horses not being machines and sometimes making us feel stupid... Just not a going day John...sleep easy,there will be another day....Emma,pass him a chocolate and tell GUS to stop snoring !!!!