Saturday, January 04, 2014

Wet weekend

I'm glad that Indira ran well yesterday. That, of course, goes without saying, but it was particularly good to have a good run to show for the trip to Wolverhampton as it wasn't much fun being there. We'd had a lovely morning here (well, relatively speaking) and I'd somehow got it into my head that the forecast for Wolverhampton for the day was better than the forecast for Newmarket. Anyway, I could have done with having a couple more jackets with me than I had, because it was cold, at times very wet, and windy. But you don't mind getting cold and wet when the horse runs well, do you?

I'd been undecided whether we should let Indira have another run at seven furlongs as, although she'd run well at seven first time out to finish second of five, she'd seemed to show plenty of stamina on that occasion. Anyway, she had another run over seven yesterday and ran well again, finishing fourth of ten in what was almost certainly a stronger race; but again she hit the line so strongly that one's got to feel that she'll run at least as well over a bit farther. So I'd imagine that she will run over a mile next - and she seems to be thriving on her racing mentally and physically, so it's probably fair to hope for another good run next time, probably in the second half of January.

If yesterday was miserable, today was even worse, as the abandoned jumps meetings testify. We've got off relatively lightly in this corner of the country, but we've had some very solid rain today and I'm counting my blessings again. Indira is still rather a baby about walking up the ramp into the horsebox, and it's a lot easier to get her on via a horizontal ramp rather than a diagonal one. Our loading ramp is not really accessible in very wet conditions as using it then presents too big a risk of the truck getting bogged on the grass. Happily yesterday morning was bright and breezy and I was happy to drive over to it. Shortly after leaving here we drove through a really, really fierce storm on the north side of Cambridge. That storm made its way here shortly afterwards - and now, with today's heavy rain having come too, we wouldn't have been using the loading ramp had we been heading off for the races this afternoon, as you can see.


David Winter said...

Well, what do I know but my reading of the race is that Indira ran even better than you think. I am not sure that she had the early speed to maintain her good break and position but Martin certainly got shuffled back to almost last on the inside rail and coming wide ran on strongly, so she covered some ground,as you say but definitely a mile would suit. Great run John !!,Pleased for the team.

Alan March said...

Not tempted to stick to 7 and follow the Prescott strategy John?

David Winter said...

Ha,ha,! Very clever....but not cricket ??? But the vagaries of the handicap system do make you want to preserve your horses exposure.

neil kearns said...

Sorry folks but Sir M would be dropping back to 6 next time out after all she showed early speed and needs to bounce out and make all !!