Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Late nights

Oh, a late night last night after our trip to a (very pleasant, with beautiful ground) Catterick evening meeting; and we'll be even later tonight, notwithstanding that Kempton is only half the distance from here that Catterick is, as we're in the last race - and the last race at Kempton doesn't have to take place before dusk, and we'll be racing under lights at 9.15.  Aaaaghh!

Still, it'll be worth it if the horse (Roy) runs well, just as it was worth it last night at Catterick when the horse (Ethics Girl) ran well. She finished third, beaten just over two lengths, with the best horse (War Poet) winning the race and the principals all just about running to their marks.  It was a pleasing resumption and, while she isn't as good as she was, she showed her usual brave, professional, ultra-genuine spirit.  Bless her.  Apart from noting what a trouper she is and what good condition the course was in, it's probably worth highlighting the brahma of the race: the only horse claimed out of it was the complete outsider, the only horse to start at a double-figure SP, who finished tailed off last, 11 lengths behind the second last horse!  Life, as always, remains full of surprises.

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