Saturday, September 20, 2014

Big day

Big day today.  Ever since Indira won at Catterick a couple of months ago (pictured here) we've been aiming to run her there today, 20th September.  Any 12-furlong handicap there this season has been a qualifier for the final today, a £20,000 race.  Any horse who has run in a qualifier can run in the final, and obviously winning a qualifier suggests one should have a chance.  So that's been the aim for a couple of months, and today is the day.  She's one of eight horses who can win this abnormally valuable race, so here's hoping.  Here's hoping too for Wasabi, who has been placed a few times in a career which has had more frustrations than high points.  She's often found things against her, so let's hope that the cards fall for her today, when she runs in the following race.  They could do; but, as ever, we won't count our chickens.

Tomorrow is the Newmarket Open Day, and I hope that thousands of people come along and enjoy themselves.  I'm afraid that we won't be opening simply because I am obliged to be away tomorrow; had that not been the case, we would definitely have opened, as we have enjoyed doing for all previous Newmarket Open Days.  However, I do have slightly mixed feelings about the concept of an Open Day, as it rather implies that the other days aren't open - which, in this case anyway, is not the case: if anyone wants to pay us a visit, he/she/they are very welcome to do so at any time (bar the few days I have to be absent).  So I'll take this opportunity to re-affirm that we welcome visitors at any time.  So any time anyone fancies calling in and having a look at the place, please just get in touch.  You'll be very welcome.


neil kearns said...

Galling to come across a handicap blot in this sort of race still second is better than nothing another good effort from this super game horse congrats all round

M Anderson said...

Darn 2nd... but better than last??
Well done John, Indira did you all proud YET AGAIN.
I hope Wasabi has come back ok? Ran well for the most part...