Monday, April 27, 2015

Runners ahoy

Busy week.  Three trips to the races, I hope: Brighton tomorrow (Tuesday) with Roy, Wolverhampton Wednesday with Grand Liaison, Chepstow Friday with Senator Matt.  And then I shall, God willing, have a fourth trip to the races, albeit without a runner, as I have been lucky enough to be asked to help with the Dubai racing channel's coverage of Newmarket's 2,000 Guineas Day card on Saturday.  I'll enjoy that - as, I hope, I might enjoy the three higher-pressure trips which precede it.  Roy, though, happily took the pressure off when he won there last week: a horse's first win is always the most important win, because any achievement which follows is a bonus.  Whatever else follows, one cannot take that first win away.

With any normal horse, racing a week apart one worries if the horse will be freshened up.  With Roy that's not an issue as he's the horse one can't tire.  The first photograph taken yesterday shows you what I mean - and he'd been out for a canter around Bury Hill earlier in the morning.  The picture also shows clouded skies, but happily they remain the exception rather than the rule in this rather pleasant spell of spring weather.  This second photograph  presents a nicer impression: this morning started off cold enough, but it also started off splendidly, as you can see.  Let's hope for similar conditions on the south coast tomorrow.

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Steve Mullington said...

Well done with Grand Liaison.