Wednesday, May 06, 2015


Well, today was rather a disappointment.  Yesterday morning it was very windy riding out here, particularly during the second half of the morning.  Today, though, it was much more pleasant (as you can see here as we unwind after first lot) even if the wind was slightly bracing.  However, as we headed won to Brighton things got more stormy.  We went through some very heavy rain only about 10 miles north of Brighton.  And when we got to the racecourse it was very windy indeed.

And that, I'm afraid, proved the stumbling block.  Roy had the honour of appearing on the front page of the racecard (as you can see here) as he was aiming for his week-to-week Brighton hat-trick.  That bid, though, was set to happen in the fourth race.  It was far from certain whether any races would take place, but the first race was run without incident.  As that was for two-year-olds, you'd think that that would mean that the older horses would be OK, particularly as the wind's strength seemed to be remaining the same.  The second race was run, and won by John Egan on a Chris Dwyer-trained sprinter by a nose.  And that, I'm afraid , was that.  Disappointingly, there seemed to be enough concern about the stability of the coverings on the road-crossings for racing to be abandoned.  Ah well - in general it's better to be safe than sorry, so we can just console ourselves by reflecting that no lives were lost, and that there's always another day.

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M Anderson said...

Ooh - a front page cover.
Don't suppose you got a spare one Mr Berry? My pupils would love it haha.