Wednesday, June 03, 2015


It's now (I think) the ninth week of the turf season, and tomorrow we will have our tenth runner of the season when Koreen runs at Kempton.  That's something of a surprise, not that he's running but that he's running for us.  He was entered and declared by his former trainer Francesco Santella, who trains in Rome, but the slightly complicated rules on the whys and wherefores of horses running overseas mean that he's ended up running for us.  He has been lodging here since coming over from Francesco's Italian stable last month, and he ran at Bath for Francesco 12 days ago (when he finished third).  It transpires, though, that now that he's been here a while he needs to run under my name; so that is indeed what will happen.  And I'm delighted be designated as his trainer because he's a lovely, sweet, kind horse, of whom I have become very fond already in the short time that he has been here.

Another overseas visitor on the radar has been our friend Clare Lindop, who is on holiday in Europe with her partner Damien.  We've been delighted to welcome them here - not least because Clare was kind enough to work Tommy (Platinum Proof, top picture) and Hymn For The Dudes (this picture) this morning.  She's had a great season back home in South Australia, and I hope that she is far enough clear in the premiership in Adelaide to end the season (on 31st July) as champion jockey again, despite taking this three-week holiday.  Prior to Saturday's meeting at Morphettville, she was on 47 wins, with Matthew Neilson second on 34.5 and Jason Holder third on 32.  As there's really only one city meeting a week in the winter, I hope that that will be a big enough lead.

Arguably even more creditable is being in 14th place on the national premiership (city and country wins combined) on 88 wins (behind James McDonald in first on 134.5 wins).  That might not sound so notable, but it's very hard for a South Australian jockey to get into the in the top 20 (and she is the only one in that group) because jockeys there can really generally only ride maybe three days a week maximum, while Victorian and New South Welsh jockeys could ride seven days a week if they chose.  Anyway, it was lovely to see her again, and the perfect postscript would be if she can indeed end the season winning the premiership again.

Delighted to read your comment at the bottom of the last chapter, 'wayinfront', by the way.  Thank you for that feedback, and I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

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wayinfront said...

Thanks John. Having only just discovered your blog, I hope to be a regular reader. You have such a nice writing style, too.

There should surely be hundreds of racing fans reading your words. And of course we're all trawling around for tips, lol.

Off-topic, am listening to the Rolling Stones playing blues, just blues. No white blues band like them for power and authenticity when they are at their best. This clip is worth listening to for the first track alone, which I'd never heard before. And I first saw them in October '64 at the Watford Gaumont, lol.