Friday, August 11, 2006

Alice's longed for travels

Alice has temporarily retired from blogging as she is still sulking after Stan was allowed to travel to the races in the horsebox yesterday while she stayed at home to guard the stables.

This, on top of not being taken to Gatcombe Horse Trials on Sunday, has made her very glum indeed. She is seriously considering moving down the road to Don Cantillon's yard as his terrier goes to the races regularly and is even allowed to sit on the horses as they are being led around the pre-parade ring.


alamshar2 said...

We don't seem to have heard much from Stato-one for a few days. I hope he's ok. I seem to remember something about him being arrested for lunatic late-night driving on Dandenong Road the other week, so I hope they haven't locked him up and thrown away his internet.

Stato-man said...


Stato-man said...

well I am still here Sir Alamshar.
I was in fact giving evidence against a lunatic not behaving like one (on this ocassion)

But best we digress back to racing-related blurb....
I am full of influenza today following far too late a night (4.30am) on Saturday at the Nth East Vic breeders awards.
Maybe you would have enjoyed it to.
Had a field inspection of Brief Truce, Arazi, Denon and many mighty mares on Sat'dy arvo.

And any of you Nth hemisphere punters looking for some early oil on the Melb Cup would do a lot worse than get an each-way on El Segundo after his first-up second placing in saturday's feature sprint at Flemington. Came down the worst part of the track and went to the line enormous. He's that bit more mature now and I thinkl he'll sustain his momentum longer this campaign. Anyone who remembers him may recall his very fast rise to top level last year.

But must keep it short so just a quick clue for one blogger to enjoy the music pumping on your answer machine upon return from Chicago!