Monday, October 14, 2013

Looking ahead

Ah, another busy day.  Monday.  Still, tomorrow will be a long one but not a busy one, as I'll spend at least nine hours of it in a horsebox, and I won't be driving.  The rain has indeed come to Newcastle (15mm of it so far, ground now soft, good to soft in places, and likely to ease further) which is great.  So we'll see what Zarosa can do.  Thursday looks like it might be OK too: the rain seemingly hasn't been too severe thus far at Wincanton, which could be ideal for Ethics Girl too as it's still good to firm there.

Three days can be a long time in meterologics, mind.  If conditions do hold up there for her, she'll be well prepared as she had another very satisfactory schooling session under Trevor Whelan in today's grim weather, as you can see (with Frankie and Paddy Aspell on this side of her).  Let's hope that it's a good week for the horses - and for the cats too, although they're not taking any chances.  As you can see, Alamshar and Giant have made their nest in the tack room and they're going to lie in it.  Until spring, if need be.

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